I’m A Sony FS7 Camera Operator

Freelance Sony FS7 Owner and Operator


Sony’s FS7 4K camera has been a staple of online video content production for several years now. As an owner and operator of a Sony FS7M2, I’ve used its features of Full HD and 4k resolutions for a range of productions including scripted studio shoots and documentary ‘run-and-gun’ content – perfect for its built-in shoulder pad and ergonomic design.

Why Should You Use the Sony FS7M2 4k Camera?


High frame rates of up 180FPS (in NTSC, 150FPS in PAL) allow for buttery smooth slow motion for sports action shots.

Sony PXW-FS7M2 Spec Highlights:


  • 4k Super 35 sensor
  • Slow and Quick motion – 1-180FPS
  • Sony E-Mount (allows for stills lenses and cine lenses with use of adaptors such as the Metabones Speed Booster ULTRA)
  • Built-in variable electronic ND filters

Sony FS7M2 Hire Available


Interested in hiring a Sony FS7M2 kit? It’s available for wet and dry hire. Get in contact to discuss options.