About Me

I ride, I film, I photograph and I coffee

I’m a videographer and TV camera operator with over a decade of shooting, editing and scripting experience for national and international brands (as well as the odd-1000 mile bike ride).


While I’m mostly behind the camera I’m comfortable in front of it too; working as Senior Videographer and presenter for the world’s largest cycling tech review website BikeRadar.


I love what I do and it’s a big part of my life; I’m an adventurer at heart – I can enjoy the balmy weather of Cornwall or the chillier winds of Scotland.


When not outside, cycling or hanging off the back of a motorbike, I’m usually up a mountain taking photos or just drinking copious amounts of good coffee with good people.

My Interest In Various Things

On a Scale of 0-100

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Using Cameras for a Living0%
Riding Bikes0%
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